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Spray Booth Brush-Up: How to Buy the Right Paint Booth

crossdarft booth

Crossdraft Spray Booth

In the market for a new spray booth? Some things to consider.

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), Chapter 33, defines a spray booth as:

“A power-ventilated enclosure for a spray application operation or process that confines and limits the escape of the material being sprayed, including vapors, mists, dusts and residues that are produced by the spraying operation and conducts or directs these materials to an exhaust system.”

Before deciding on the size and airflow configuration of a paint spray booth, you should first consider: the size of the parts to be painted; the finish that is required; the coatings to be applied; the type of application system, if the paint booth needs to be enclosed; and the available budget may also be a factor.

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