Retractable Paint Booth Introduced by Two Companies

Recently we have seen a new kind of paint booth appearing on the world scene. It is a retractable paint booth. So far we have seen information on the Internet on retractable spray booths from Australia and from Canada.

Chamtech Retractable Paint Booth

The Canadian supplier is Chamtech Systems. The Chamtech retractable paint booth was made for industrial manufacturing facilities and that they provide a clean, safe and versatile work area. It is composed of a translucent, fire-retardant shell mounted to a light-weight rolling aluminum structure.

There was an article about the Chamtech spray booth that was published in the Canadian Industrial Equipment News (CIEN) website.

In the CIEN news article, it states that the company has recently expanded its line of retractable enclosures for paint and sandblast applications. The article states that their retractable spray booth is designed to work with various air filtration systems. The front door is designed for incoming air flow filtration and the air is vented towards the rear of the paint booth. The rear door is custom fitted to any filtration system.

Another supplier from Australia is Rekoil Spray Booths []


The company specializes in designing and manufacturing large spray booths for the manufacturing industry. The way the Rekoil booth works is by simply placing the work piece in front of the spray booth and then drawing the spray booth around the job. The company company claims that this is a first.

Rekoil’s paint booths are designed for large products such as mining machines, large air conditioning units or products that are so large they need to be craned or forklifted into the booth.

Another plus is that the booth can be easily relocated without knocking it down. The booth can simply be wheeled into position within your workshop or be moved to a different site with minimal fuss.

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